Advanced NMEA Monitor

Advanced NMEA Monitor is a PC-based program which enables monitoring by receiving NMEA0183 signal which is electronic equipment for ships to RS-232 serial interface or UDP / TCP Protocol.

Since a lot of navigation devices which doesn’t follow NMEA standards are used, user can save time and money by using Advanced NMEA monitor developed by NMEA experts. It provides a powerful platform for effective coding, testing and optimization, and enables real-time marker, analysis, store, transmission.

1. Support color-terminal / summary / map view

3. Support GPS tracking(map view)

4. Support real-time data capturing

5. Monitor between two devices (spy mode)

6. Support serial interface, TCP/IP, UDP/IP

GPS Simulator

GPS Simulator is software that generates a virtual GPS data.

1. Easy routing

2. Selectable map(satellite, sea, cycle, terrain)

3. Support speed control

4. Support 10EA NMEA protocol messages

5. Support COMport, UDP, logfile(text)

NMEA File Transfer

NMEA file transfer is the program which sends out NMEA format text files to Serial, UDP

Can be applied to GPS related technology such as vessels, automobiles, drones, flights

NMEA Converter

NMEA Converter is a product to convert various types of data

1. NMEA to UDP

2. UDP to NMEA(Reserved)

3. GPS to HDP(Reserved)

3. NMEA to KML(Reserved)