NMEA File Transfer – softpedia review

Transmit content from text files that employ the standard NMEA message structure to various devices via a serial port, UDP or TCP with this useful tool

The NMEA communication protocol makes it possible for data to be transferred between GPS-related devices. It uses a standardized message structure and can be employed in a number of fields.

NMEA File Transfer is a fairly straightforward application that makes it possible to send data extracted from text files to these devices via a serial port, UDP or TCP. It is not particularly difficult to configure, but no documentation is provided.

Specialized utility that enables you to transmit GPS data

NMEA File Transfer features a minimalistic user interface, with all the main functions being displayed in the upper part of the window, and the Terminal view allowing you to monitor the sentences that are being transferred.

The application can process text files that consist of a series of entries using the NMEA message formatting. The number of lines is displayed after a document has been imported, and you can specify whether or not line breaks should be added.

Useful tool that, sadly, lacks documentation

After loading the file you wish to transfer, you only need to define the transmission interval and configure the connection. Data can be sent via a serial interface, as well as via UDP and TCP.

Once the operation has been launched, you can monitor the messages that are being transferred in the Terminal view, and it is possible to stop the process at any time.

NMEA File Transfer is clearly aimed at experts, but even so, it would have been great if at least a basic user manual were included. Granted, specialists should find the application’s functions to be fairly self-explanatory, but less experienced users would certainly have appreciated some brief instructions.

Reliable data transfer utility for NMEA-formatted files

All in all, NMEA File Transfer is a handy software utility that enables you to send GPS-related data stored in text files to various devices. It is not particularly difficult to use, and it features a minimalistic, intuitive interface, but it does not offer any documentation.


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Can be applied to GPS related technology such as ship, automobiles, drones, flights

GPS Simulator – softpedia review

Whether you want to create a map or you are interested in developing a GPS simulation application, chances are that you are shopping around for a device that can help you gather the necessary data. While it may seem like the sensitive thing to do, sometimes using an app for this purpose can prove to be more practical for several reasons.

As its name suggests, GPS Simulator is a utility that enables you to generate GPS data that you can employ for testing and development and without having to worry about location restrictions.

Intuitive and well-organized interface

The program comes with a user-friendly interface that is very unlikely to give you any troubles. The main window consists of three panels, one that displays the map, another where you can enter the coordinates and extra information and a third pane that enables you to view the routing data.

It is necessary to mention that you can choose between multiple maps, depending on the type of project you are working on. Google Maps, Google Terrain, Bing Satellite and OpenStreetMap are some of the options you have at your disposal.

Allows you to get routing data quick and painless

The main advantage of the application stems from the fact that you do not require a GPS device in order to gather the data. Therefore, you do not have to invest in equipment that you are only going to use for this purpose and save time, especially if you are not familiar with how to connect the gadget to your computer.

Therefore, you can simply input the desired location and the program does the routing automatically and at the speed you specified. The tool allows you to select a general area by zooming in and clicking on the exact spot on the map. Alternative, you can enter the coordinates and additional data manually, if this is more convenient.

A proficient tool for obtaining GPS NMEA format(GPS Simulation / NMEA Tester)

If you are working on an application that requires you use real routing data and does not come with location restrictions, then GPS Simulator can come in handy.

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Advanced NMEA Monitor – softpedia review

Advanced NMEA Monitor

Monitor information received from various ship navigation devices, with this reliable utility that can display data in multiple forms, as well plot the ship’s course on a map

Advanced NMEA Monitor is a powerful software solution that allows you to intercept electronic signals sent by various ship navigation devices, such as the GPS, gyro, anemometer, rudder, autopilot, ECDIS or AIS.

It displays the gathered information in real-time, using three distinct data views, and it is also capable of transmitting the signal to a connected device when operated in Spy mode.

Complex monitoring and analysis utility

Advanced NMEA Monitor can connect to a supported device via a serial interface, as well as the UDP and TCP protocols. You can switch between these communication methods at any time, so it is possible to monitor multiple devices at once.

When setting up new devices, you need to provide various details for both incoming and outgoing connections, and this can be done by accessing the Setting menu.

However, it would have been great if a manual was included, as some users may find it difficult to perform the necessary configurations.

Offers two operating modes and three data views

By default, Advanced NMEA Monitor receives data from an input source and displays it on your PC, but does not forward it to another device. However, you can also connect two devices via a serial interface and monitor the data being transmitted between them.

The application can display the gathered information in its raw form, but it is also capable of processing it and providing you with a summary of the received message.

Moreover, Advanced NMEA Monitor can plot the ship’s path using the incoming GPS signal and display this information on a map.

Streamlined interface that comes with several alternative skins

As far as the UI is concerned, we found it to be clear and intuitive. It has a simple layout, and there are also quite a few skins to choose from, so you should have no problem finding one that is to your liking.

Overall, Advanced NMEA Monitor is a well-designed program that enables you to monitor and process data received from a number of ship navigation devices. It features a streamlined interface and is fairly intuitive, but it does not provide any documentation.

advanced_nmea_monitor advance nmea monitor

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NMEA 0183 checksum calculator

NMEA 0183 checksum calculator download

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How to routing of GPS Simulator

How to create custom routes of GPS Simulator

ItemMarker imageMethod
Start pointgps_simulator_start_pointMouse left double click
Way pointgps_simulator_waypointMouse left click
Current pointgps_simulator_currentpoint
Map moveMouse right click
Map zoom in/outMouse wheel up/down