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Advanced NMEA Monitor

Monitor information received from various ship navigation devices, with this reliable utility that can display data in multiple forms, as well plot the ship’s course on a map

Advanced NMEA Monitor is a powerful software solution that allows you to intercept electronic signals sent by various ship navigation devices, such as the GPS, gyro, anemometer, rudder, autopilot, ECDIS or AIS.

It displays the gathered information in real-time, using three distinct data views, and it is also capable of transmitting the signal to a connected device when operated in Spy mode.

Complex monitoring and analysis utility

Advanced NMEA Monitor can connect to a supported device via a serial interface, as well as the UDP and TCP protocols. You can switch between these communication methods at any time, so it is possible to monitor multiple devices at once.

When setting up new devices, you need to provide various details for both incoming and outgoing connections, and this can be done by accessing the Setting menu.

However, it would have been great if a manual was included, as some users may find it difficult to perform the necessary configurations.

Offers two operating modes and three data views

By default, Advanced NMEA Monitor receives data from an input source and displays it on your PC, but does not forward it to another device. However, you can also connect two devices via a serial interface and monitor the data being transmitted between them.

The application can display the gathered information in its raw form, but it is also capable of processing it and providing you with a summary of the received message.

Moreover, Advanced NMEA Monitor can plot the ship’s path using the incoming GPS signal and display this information on a map.

Streamlined interface that comes with several alternative skins

As far as the UI is concerned, we found it to be clear and intuitive. It has a simple layout, and there are also quite a few skins to choose from, so you should have no problem finding one that is to your liking.

Overall, Advanced NMEA Monitor is a well-designed program that enables you to monitor and process data received from a number of ship navigation devices. It features a streamlined interface and is fairly intuitive, but it does not provide any documentation.

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